Terms and conditions

Your registration endorses the terms and conditions.

All prices listed are in the final price of goods for sale and these prices are for personal collection occur no further increase in time order.
The low charge for actual postage and packing fee is added to the price only if the package delivery by post or courier.

Ordering goods
Our aim is to achieve in our eshop possible way to preview arranged for the goods. Goods are always displayed in the main category from all vendors and below this main category take precedence different vendors with their own goods. Therefore, you can purchase at various retailers in the main category, where only one vendor. By example: Antiquariat where the goods are sorted sequentially by date added goods in the e-shop from different vendors, which are sort of used bookstores subcategories with your own e-commerce business.
If you buy from multiple vendors at once, you will pay the price of goods as those products in one payment. The price of purchased goods will then, plus postage and packing and they ordered a shipment of purchased goods will be dispatched from different places or sites where vendors.
If you choose the goods, put it in the basket. You only have one item or several. After completing the purchase of select Pay and register. In its registration form, try to give as much information about how to deliver goods to your chosen address, including telephone number where we can contact you in time.
Addresses of clients registered in our e-shop and also do not provide not disclose to third parties.
In case you have interest certain products, but do not want to register and it is just one purchase, select the Contact Us form or contact us by mail or telephone to order goods and indicating a telephone number to a landline, which you will then contacted for confirmation.
Ordered goods we standard  send within 48 hours of purchase price credited to the account within 24 hours of purchase price credited to the account, you can pick up the merchandise in person.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, our registered customers informed about the alternative date of delivery.
Goods are shipped well packed in cartons to avoid damage. In the event that the order contains more items than the date the order is in stock, we handle the order in part, that is a priority dispatch of the goods which are in stock at the time of order, then the next send ordered pieces.
Other specified arrangements are needed to settle the agreement.

Payment method
Ordered goods can pay via Paypal, or cash payable upon receipt of shipment. After 24 hours, after payment of the purchase price paid through Paypal, you can collect the goods personally, if the goods this way indicated. When personal collection also collect proof of payment for goods. If you choose delivery of goods, choose from the menu that shipping companies that you have chosen to deliver the goods. Proof of payment of goods is attached to the consignment and purchase price plus postage and packing. Other requirements give us a note to the order.

Cancellation order.
Your order, you can cancel at any time, without giving any reason. Tell us, if possible as soon as any such decision. If you cancel the order must indicate the number and the date of order.

We respect your privacy and your personal data is provided by third parties and are not without your express consent published. They are only used specifically for the needs of dispatch of the goods, or the need to inform you about the shipments, or from our side for the first verify your order.

Warranty, complaints and returns.
All items in our e-shop, unless explicitly stated or otherwise agreed, we provide a stationary warranty period. The ordered goods are always accompanied by all required documents. Complaints are handled in writing, by mail, by telephone on weekdays. Guarantee is not justified in case of improper use of the goods. Claimed goods must be delivered to the place from which it was sent, or in which the person removed, together with written notification of failure, otherwise the claim is invalid. In the complaint must be accompanied by proof of payment for goods.
Without giving any reason, you can also, within 30 days undamaged and unused goods back to the place from which you have been sent or from which you can personally pick up. Following the submission of proof of payment will be refunded the purchase price of the goods without postal and handling.

Final provisions.
Seller liable to the buyer for sending the goods at an agreed time, shall be liable for the price of goods at the time of order, well packaged goods, the type of delivery of goods.
Seller is not responsible for the delayed delivery caused by transportation companies, or incorrectly listed the address of the buyer for non-delivery of mail delivery service for damaged shipments delivered by hand.
Sending the electronic order the buyer accepts all the provisions of the marketing conditions in force at the date of dispatch of the order, also valid price at the date of dispatch orders on the website.
If you have any questions please contact us.
We wish you a pleasant shopping and long-term enjoyment of the goods purchased.


Offer space for presentations and sales and Terms and Conditions for sellers.

Administration e-shop - Terms and conditions for sellers.
Manufacturers and vendors: we offer you to present your products area on this web site: e-shop.
This is a part of the rental space on e-shop for the visibility of your products and sales. The car parts e-shop is subject to the administration of your promotional and marketing events. Car parts and sales presentation space here in the e-shop is governed by contractual arrangements.
After agreeing to terms and conditions and registration, your administrator e-shop to place your product presentations and sales in the current parts e-shop.
For registration and location of the presentation in e-shop do not pay anything. Fees are subject to follow the current monthly sales of products and to 10% rate of monthly. Total current selling prices for rental products parts e-shop associated with the administration and sales presentations.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Sales Administration - (for sellers)
Web site places your products (product photo) with the text that you send to the appropriate category.
For the administration of your advertising sales in the e-shop, you pay a fee to sell the products and the price to be paid by the buyer on behalf of Pay Pal operators of this site. (The sales price for the rental space here to e-shop is set at 10% of the sales price, payable at the time sending money for goods sold on your account)
After purchasing your products and the buyer after payment of the purchase price on behalf of the Pay Pal service e-shop, as you will be notified by mail to the seller of goods and payment of the purchase price.
You, as a registered vendor accept the terms of the purchase price credited to the account of Pay Pal, e-shop operator, send purchased goods to the buyer's address, which is listed on the payment of goods on the money order Pay Pal account.
After sending the goods to the buyer's address, please send us the confirmation of the dispatch of the goods purchased (copy of post delivery ticket) and the administrator e-shop, we send the purchase price for your goods by the buyer paid, less the agreed fee for administration and sales promotion in this area e-shop.
The award pays the freight consignee, the price for delivery of goods is payable at the time of delivery of goods.

Agreement between the administrator e-shop and the seller can establish other conditions of administration and sales presentation space e-shop.

Notice for customers and sellers:
We ask new customers and sellers to register with carefully and correctly filled in all data. You can register after they already have in the basket of goods and want to pay. The system automatically prompts you to register and enter data for payment and dispatch goods.
Before the actual registration, please read the contractual arrangements. After placing all the necessary information for registering itself to us through the registration form in the window message to the operators provide everything you require in connection with its registration as a customer it is important to tell us. Dealers here in this box please provide that a vendor registration (also automated customer) and other relevant information that a vendor needs to have their activities require that the registration document. The registration document and keep a copy. If you require the negotiation of other terms and conditions for rental and sales presentation space for your products than those listed here in the Terms and Conditions, please state your request to negotiate other terms and conditions, or directly to your already proposed in the registration form. If you have any questions, please send us a message using the form in "Contact Us", or mail. Thank you.




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