Rug - hand made

Rug - hand made - Preposition to the fireplace, color
Material: cotton strips
Color: according to offer
Used equipment: a hand on needles, braided rug pea model and according to the required themes.
Size: ordered by size (width: according to demand, length: according to demand: repeat motif)
1.Garden I. - rich color tones, dominated by strong green
2. Garden by the water II. - Soft pastel tones of colors, dominated by various blue tones
Price: basis for calculating the size 50cmx50cm included $25 
Preposition to the fireplace, whether doormat, or Old Slavic name: "pokrovec" from meaning "cover", "coverage" Hand-made carpets or mats are well known since antiquity. Their purpose is coverage in certain areas is also a decorative element, but its greatest significance lay, and is also in the separation of large area cold stone floor surfaces from direct contact with human legs. Its importance is conceived decorative and utilitarian effect.
The folk art is quite often discover "pokrovce" made from strips of substances, whether in the form of weaving, crochet, or knitting into braids, which later stitching together and creating the forms according to your wishes, but mostly just a circle of braids in various colors. Occurs and embroidery stripe substances of different colors on the thinly woven material

Sales order only. After the binding order payment in advance. Delivery time from order size, but at least 14 days in order that only the basic size. The listed price is compounded by post.

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* A. Pavlova *

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* Z Murphyho zákonů *

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* Lidová moudrost. *

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