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Sumavision technologies group as one of the very first digital video technologies service platform company was jointly established by Tsinghua Science Park and core teamin 2000, and laterlisted at SHENZHEN stock exchange market with code “300079”. Sumavision is committed to video, encryption, quantum, AI technology and other fields; to follow with the trend of the times, to undergo five strategic development stages, toadhere to steady operation, continuous innovation, and active cooperation. In the business field of broadcasting, telecom, enterprises and national defense and so on, we have built a platform-wide services solution,and took the lead. By providing high-quality and accurate services to operators, enterprises, governments, and financial customers in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, global users are enjoying a smarter, safer, better digital life provided by Sumavision.

Sumavision Technology Group always values technology innovation as the endogenous driving force for enterprise development by investing in technology research and personnelscientific training. Sumavisionannually invests more than 20 percent of its operating income in technology research, which ranks in the forefront of the Growth Enterprise Market. Currently,Sumavision has1,000 employees in total,amount themmore than 500 R&D employees. The core technical team consists of university experts from Tsinghua, Waseda, and StanfordUniversity. The Group has established more than 30 R&D departments located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi'an and Silicon Valley in LA, meanwhile, Sumavision established research and development centers jointlywith domestic and overseas outstanding scientific research institutions. And It is proud to become the first broadcasting equipment enterprisesestablishing scientific research institutions in Silicon Valley.

Sumavision technology group continuallyoptimize its business strategies, with the expansion of business scopeandscale,and the strategic layoutgradual deeply going, finally it evolving from a device and system provider to an integration provide with multiple dimensions to meet customer needs, and to enhance customers’ using experience. Under the vision of making everyone enjoy a wonderful digital life, Sumavision Technology Group has served more than 20 nation size customers, 34 state sizecustomers,100 around municipal size customers, and providing Live broadcast service for major eventssuch as theNational Congress of 19th Communist Party of China, "The 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army", "National People's Congress Political Consultative Conference", "The 70th Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War" and "Olympic Games", "2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening 4K + 5G Live Show" and so on. The company actively responded to the national 'Belt and Road' strategy and extended its business to East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Southern Europe and Eastern Africa etc. In the meantime, Sumavision has established long-term partnerships with famous TV stations such as Italian National Television, Spanish National TV, and Qatar Al Jazeera to serve 1 billion people around the world.

Sumavision Technology Group dedicated itself building an industry-wide ecosystem to realize the collaborative layout of video high-tech, payment finance, and film and television production. In terms of investment in mergers and acquisitions, Sumavision has invested in more than 20 high-tech enterprisesin China and worldwide, and amount those enterprises many of them have actively prepared for IPOs at science and technology board. In the future, Sumavision will merge broadcasting and TV business together with the new technologies such as “5G+4K Ultra HD Video”, “Media Convergence”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Big Data”, “Digital Copyright Protection” and “Quantum Technology” to serve intelligent broadcasting and television industry for improving public services quality and creating a better digital life.


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