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  • Introduction

    For hospitality scenarios, Sumavision has developed 1U CMTS and 1U EPON/GPON device. For some hospitalities with coaxial network, CC8800-D can be used without doing nothing but adding CC8800-D in control room and CM in every room. For some new hotel or hotels without coaxial network, 1U OLT can be used to take advantage of fiber.

  • For CC8800-D CMTS

    • Easy deployment for hotel with coaxial network and enough bandwidth
    • Different devices to choose: 16*4 device with 920Mbps throughput or 32*10 device with 2Gbps throughput
    • Large quantity room supporting: 16*4 device supports up to 200CM(DOCSIS 3.0) or 500CM(DOCSIS 2.0) and 32*10 device supports up to 1000CM(DOCSIS 3.0)

  • For PN8602E/G OLT

    • Enough bandwidth and less malfunction
    • Long life circle, protecting investment


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