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IP Video

  • Introduction

    Sumavision IP video platform to meet the needs of operators to develop all-IP video services, including traditional video services and rich value-added services, set off business. The converged CDN system in the platform can help operators realize the content distribution of the all-IP network, reduce the bandwidth pressure of the backbone network and reduce the input cost of the backbone network construction.

  • Features

    • All IP networking, end-to-end solutions to support live, on-demand, interactive services
    • Convergent CDN and streaming system, saving 80% backbone network bandwidth
    • Support DRM, IP live broadcast security control
    • Support 4K / H.265 ultra-high definition video
    • Convenient introduction of value-added services, fast set passenger business

  • Success Case

    Sumavision IP Video Platform has been successfully commercialized in many provincial-level network companies and provided 100,000 concurrent streaming media services, including Guangdong, China, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Shandong and so on.


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