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Multi-Screen Transcoding

  • Product Overview

    We are now in the beginning of "big video" era. Requirements for video can be revealedin various aspects ubiquitous. In order to support the multimedia business processingof the mass amount videos in different platforms, thorough different networks, by different terminals, Sumavision has launched SDMbased on dedicated platform equipment and other computing resources, equipped with xStream series of multi-screen transcoding solutions. Sumavision hascommitted to the freely mixing and matching between the hardware forms and software features, in order to achieve the flexibility of new media deployment, to create a customized new media platform that best fits the needs of operators.

  • Product Features

    Self-owned Hardware and Software –Equipped with both self-developed special hardware devices and mature software systems, which can guarantee product quality.

    Cloud Platform - Supports distributed cloud networking. Automatic load balancing technology ensures that the computing resources can be used directly.

    Editor - Support dynamic logo, special effects subtitles, virtual file stitching, instant preview.

    Almighty Video Processing - Support HEVC / AVS2 and other video all formats transcoding, all packaging protocols and input and output of all the networks.

    Secure Backup - Multiple systems such as N + M backup, backup of program master / backup / pad, file breakpoint resume, whitelist and so on.

  • Commercial Value

    High level of system integration and scalability, customizing operator’s own growable transcoding system.

    Fully adapts to various terminals such as iOS, Andriod, TVOS and STB to help operators upgrade new services under triple play industry background.

    Intelligent download, intelligent transcoding, intelligent backup, multi-level permissions management and intelligent transcoding solutions can enhance the convenience of operation and management.

    Support transcoding of intelligent dynamic filled HD to 4K, which can expand the 4K source database of operators and improve media asset value.

  • Commercial Cases

    For now, Sumavision multi-screen transcoding solution has been successfully appliedin the streaming media systemsof operators in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Xinjiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Shanxi,Shaanxi, etc. We provide equipment and technical support to CNV, Southern Media and other five major internet integrated service licensees, with the annual production capacity exceeds 10 million hours. Sumavision has been committed to providing customers with the most advanced, flexible, safe and most user-friendly solutions.


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