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NM3000 NMS

  • Sumavision NM3000 is developed to manage all access network devices from Sumavision as well as other vendors. By NM3000, operators can view the whole network status, configure all the device and get the reports to assist operators to make decisions.  By adopting distributed architecture, NMS3000 can support up to 10 million+ subscribers, thus, guarantees the stable operation.


  • NM3000 mobile APP can be installed in Android and IOS system to help field personnel to find the problems with out using a laptop or some other tools, thus, provide huge convenience for operation.

  • Feature

    Device management

    Involve OLT, ONU, R-CMTS, CMTS, CM
    Support device configuration and performance checking

  • Report Management

    Support customized performance report
    Support various ranking report

  • Alarm Management

    Support complete alarm
    Support different ways of informing the maintenance personnel


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